The battle is a “fairy tale” fight with re-enactors ranging from 9th to 15th century. Thus those rules are focused on ensuring minimal acceptable safety of each battle participant. Historical accuracy and authenticity is not addressed here, but we encourage it.

The battle itself involves around 1000 fighters, because of this individual is almost of no use and we focus mainly on fight in units.  To be allowed to battle, you must fulfill the rules below.

For contact fight:

1. Helmet is a must, including sufficient padding. The thickness of material is at minimum 1.5 mms.

2. Mandatory hand armor. Not applicable for early medieval light fighters, pavise carriers and pikemen, which are part of know unit under approved commander.

3. Overall functional armor. That means no chain mail without padding, no plate arms without at least padded armor on the body etc.

4. Throat must be protected, esp. fully armoured fighters.

5. No non-historical arms and armor allowed. Modern protective gear allowed as long as it is not visible.
6. No modern footwear allowed.
7. Weapons must be safe (no points, blunt atc.), without burrs or splinters. The organizers can ban any weapons without stating the reason.

For shooters:

1. Fire arms must be certified by Czech law (tormentace).

2. Bow draw weight max. 15 kgs, crossbow draw weight max. 40 kgs

3. Mandatory ammunition for bows, for crossbows similar construction (minimum tip diameter 3,5 cms)

4. Hand firearms could be loaded by black powder only, without any wad. Priming (firing) by ahistorical means must be consulted before the battle.

5. If the shooters plans to take part in contact fight, contact fight rules must be fulfilled.

6. If the shooter does not plan to take part in contact fight, he does not have to have an armor. In that case he is obliged to run in case the enemy approaches, and to fall “dead” immediately after contact with the enemy.

General rules:

Please read event rules.

Be present at the rehearsal.

Be approved by an official before entering the battle grounds.

Obey the orders at all times.

Have fun and try to be a showman. The whole battle is a theater, after the battle you will have an opportunity to participate in free fights.

Breaking above rule is a reason for not allowing you to the battle, in extreme case to banish you from the event.