Please at all times respect following rules:

  • every vendor must have at least 1 fire extinguisher, min. 2 kilos, CO2
  • period and non-period goods strictly separated
  • we prefer stands including craft display
  • stands larger then 2*3 meters will pay more
  • blocking of routes strictly forbidden
  • parking on the market strictly forbidden

Stand prices
period stand including craft display 0,- Kč
period stand 500,- Kč
non-period stand 1 000,- Kč
refreshments (if approved)  2000,- Kč

Sellers inside the encampment 250,- Kč, including craft display 0,- Kč

Stand on non approved places strictly forbidden.

Every vedonr is responsible for fulfilling all state and local regulations and rules. The payment for the stand will be send in advance to the specified account. Payment on site will be with extra 500 CZK and we do not guarantee that there will be enough space.

In case of any questions, please send us an e-mail