This year will have following schedule:

4/14 – 4/18 camp open for organizers
4/19 – 4/20 arrival and camping for re-enactors
4/21 main event including the battle
4/22 clean up and departure

The event is officially open for re-enactors from April 19th. If you would like to come earlier, please contact us in advance.


Saturday 4/21 (the day of the event) schedule:

9:00 battle rehearsal
12:30 soule tournament
15:30 children battle
15:45 gathering at starting positions
16:00 units presentation
16:15 main battle
17:00 free fights
18:00 area closed for vistiors
19:00 beginning of festivities
20:00 live music in the pub

Sunday 4/22
cleaning up, leaving