Battle rules

Main battle has 2 parts:

1. big scripted event, with the goal of providing the spectators nice story and the feeling of watching a real battle, including dying or wounded fighters, patching up the wounds and limping back to fight, getting struck by an arrow or gun fire etc. So the role of each participant is to act as in a fight for his life, entertain the spectators, but fight carefully and with special attention to not harming others. The outcome of the battle is predefined and no amount of heroic deeds will change it.

2. free fights after the scripted battle. We usually do several clashes, first on army level, then groups. The rules are simple – no thrusts (except blunted spears with special point), no attacks to face, neck and crotch, you are out when knocked down, on the ground or you yield (by kneeling down). Again, safety is number one priority.

Before entering the battle, you will be assigned to a unit. The commandant of the unit has absolute control over your participation in the battle and you must obey him under the penalty of rejection from the event.

Each and every re-enactor entering the battle must:

  • be present at the rehearsal
  • be approved by an official before entering the battle grounds
  • obey the orders at all times

no alcohol or drugs allowed in the battle. Intoxicated participants will be escorted from the premises.

– every shooter has to bring his weapon to the rehearsal and also all the ammunition for bows and crossbows. We will be checking approval markings (tormentace) or official weapons safety audits. Bow and crossbow draw weight will be measured – maximum allowed is 17 kilos for a bow and 40 kilos for a crossbow. We allow the use of our standard arrow only. Please inquiry by mail.
– only persons 18 years and older could take part in the contact fight.

Safety in the number one concern. We pretend to fight, do not try to kill our opponent. Do not attack face, neck, crotch.